The third episode begins in the aftermath of the first bonfire. When the coupled women return to Mata Chica from their intense fireside experience, the single guys lift their spirits with a boisterous Jacuzzi party and a romp in the ocean. Shannon tells us "When we came back from the bonfire the guys were waiting for us. And I'm sure they read our moods." Valerie follows with "The other girls and myself, we were just so drained emotionally". And Mandy states " I felt horrible. If we didn't have these other guys here to escape to it would be a complete nightmare." With a smile  Valerie says " We just needed to have a good time." We can see the single guys laughing and yelling as they carry the women to the beach as Mandy yells  "I'm in heaven right now, tomorrow I'll be in hell." Johnny, and Mandy were playing in the water. Johnny's tells us few words about Mandy " Her boyfriend is a lucky lucky man. She's so sweet, she's so special. She deserves a man that's going to make her happy, that's going to be good to her, and I would love to give it to her. She's amazing."


Video Messages

Its time to see if you got a message from your loved one. At both sides of the island one by one they have to walk to the end of a pier and open a box to see if there is a tape in it or not. We can see that all of them are nervous as they make the walk.
Shannon  and Andy:
Shannon was first, she smiled when she saw a tape from Andy but her smile soon faded. Andy starts out his tape by telling her that he had a really great date the night before. He says they water-skied, played around and had a fun time. She says she doesn't like the idea of having a "mental picture" having fun with another woman. In her statement after the tape she says "I hope he isn't separating from the group with a specific girl. I think he's capable of finding one in particular and going for it"
Andy walks down the pier and opens the box to see a tape from Shannon. She tells him not to focus on one and he knows what she means. After the tape Andy tells us  "I sense a little bit of nervousness on her part. She knows I'm going to be having a good time with plenty of ladies but I'll do my best to follow up on her request and spread myself thin."
Valerie and Kaya
Valerie also finds a tape from Kaya in his tape Kaya's proclamation that he is having a "really" good time. His hope that she's not "limiting herself" letting lose and not limiting herself like they discussed. Valerie is confused about his words and a little hurt that that's all he had to say after not seeing her for so long. All she has to say is " There were a couple of things in the tape that made me go hmmm. He said he was having a really good time, I mean, like almost like, wow. He said I hope you're letting loose and not holding back like we discussed. I thought, he's probably doing that and what does that mean?"
Kaya also opens the box to find a tape  which is emotional telling him how much she misses him and how devoted she is to him.
As tears fall down his face Kaya says  "She's thinking about me. She's more devoted to me and she really misses me." He was very moved by her words.
Mandy & Billy
Mandy is over overjoyed when she opens the box to find the tape from Billy. Billy tells her that he wants her to understand that he does want her to have a good time and have as much fun as possible. Mandy, wiping away tears, "Its just good to hear him tell me to have a good time. I just don't want him to have too good of a time but it makes me feel better after frolicking around in the ocean and the Jacuzzi last night with the guys." Billy opens the box to find a tape as well. Mandy in tears on the tape tells she tells him she is actually very happy to have met so many great people and is having fun.
Ytossie & Taheed
Ytossie opens up her box to find it empty. She says "I didn't see one, and I didn't expect to receive one either. That's not his character to leave a message. He wants me to be as stressed as possible--wants me to wonder and worry." Taheed opens his box, and its empty also he says  "I figured there wouldn't be one. This is her vindictive nature not to give me one, so, it's expected. If I had to read between the lines I'd have to say that she's formulated it in her head that I was going to do something wrong. She's gotta do something to get back at me. That's just the way she is.


Selection Of Dates And The Dates

Later in the morning, the entire group gathers at the guys' resort, Captain Morgan's Retreat, for a date selection game called Power Dating. In Power Dating, each cast member has two minutes to interview each of the singles of the opposite sex. When all the interviews are completed, the coupled men and women - in front of their partners - pick a single for their next adventure date. The couples are not allowed to talk to each other.

Carla, sits across from Andy. Andy looks her over and drawls out an approving, "Sugarrr". She holds out her hand and introduces herself. "I'm Carla." Andy responds with a smile, "No, you're not. You wanna know what you are? You're just eye candy." The camera focuses in on Ytossie as one of the single guys ask her "Whatcha got?" She responds back, cool as a cucumber, "Whatcha need?" Shannon is asking one of the singles, Tom, what his birthday is. He tells her December 16th and then seems to impress her as he remembers her birthday is December 18th. The camera flashes to Billy, kicked back in shades. He smiles at the Georgia peach he dated on last week's show, and asks, "Which one of the four of us do you like best?" She smiles flirtatiously and smoothly responds, "You, Billy, I love you." He laughs. For comedic relief the camera pans to Billy again, yet this time interviewing a tall brunette. He again asks which one of the four guys did she like best. She simply said, "You." He seemed unimpressed and said okay. Few seconds later he asks one more girl the same question and to his shock all she says is "kaya". He just repeated it, as if in disbelief and nodded his head. Mandy requests in her soft little-girl voice for Johnny, the tall black guy in tonight's opening scene in the pool, to sing her a song, which he happily obliges her. She lets out a squeal of joy. Ytossie asks Tom if he thinks he's a romantic type of person. Their eyes seem to meet and there seems to be some type of flirtatious chemistry going on as he says, "I'm a sucker for romance. I've always been." Valerie seems to be loosening up a little bit as she asks one of the singles what his best feature is. He jokes with her that it's his biceps, then he admits it's his sense of humor, then looked at her and said, "Maybe not" with a laugh. She seemed to enjoy talking to him. Taheed interviews Lisa. He asks her what is her ideal guy. She answers, "Funny, good sense of humor, treats his mamma really well." He smiles back at her.
Mark announces that the time is up. Tension strikes as Mark says that Ytossie, Mandy and Shannon have all picked the same top guy, Tom. Mark tells him that he has to pick one of the girls, it's his choice.  Billy mumbles under his breath, "Careful, Tom". Tom chooses Ytossie. The host then says that Valerie's choice was Matt, and Mandy's second choice was Matt. So again, the single guy, Matt, has to pick one of the girls. He hesitates a brief moment before choosing Valerie. Kaya laughs and looks over at Billy, "Mandy's shot down twice." Billy says with a huge grin, "That works for me!" The guys all laugh. Mark announces Mandy's third choice was Johnny. Shannon's second choice was Charlie. Looks like Shannon and Valerie just switched  their dates from last weeks show. Andy's first choice was not a duplication. When Mark announces that Andy's date will be Carla, she jumps up and down, then dives head first into the pool. Andy yells out, "That is why I'm going out with her! This girl is guaranteed fun!" Carla swims gracefully across the pool to him and jumps out and into his arms. 
Mark mentions that Shannon never breaks her smile. Shannon's voice over: "Sweet, the most obnoxious girl there and what appears to be the most aggressive, just jumped into the pool and just jumped on top of my boyfriend." Billy's first choice is Vanessa. Mandy comments how she is surprised at how affectionate Billy's been with the girls in front of her as he gives Vanessa a big hug hello. Kaya's choice was with Heather. Valerie yells out, "Lucky girl, have your day because it will be your only day." Taheed's choice is Lisa (Billy's first date last episode).
As they walk out  Johnny picked Mandy up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Billy, not looking very pleased says, "Bad idea there. He carried her all the way to the dock. Uhh, yeah, that really pissed me off."
Andy and Carla are destined for an independence festival in Belize City
. As they head toward a small plane. Carla says, "Look at that cute plane we're getting on. It's almost as cute as my hot date."
Andy states how his strategy is "screw the looks, take the chick you think you're going to have the most fun with". Andy looked impressed as Carla played guitar for him. Over all both said they had lots of fun.
Shannon and Charlie scuba dive with the sharks. Shannon: "I picked Charlie because he's the kind of person you want to hang out with for a day." Charlie: "Shannon is very beautiful. She's got beautiful blue eyes and a beautiful womanly body. She's voluptuous."
Ytossie and Tom go snorkeling and take turns feeding each other lunch on a secluded beach. Caught up in the romance of the environment, they feel a mutual attraction. Ytossie: "I spotted Tom and I wished I had a chance with him. He was a sweet, genuine, nice guy. And that was my first check off of the, what type of guy I like." They both talked about how it was a very romantic first date. Tom couldn't take his eyes off of her.
Taheed and Lisa also party at the cultural event in Belize City and the festivity fuels their excitement for each other. Taheed: "I selected Lisa for the date because I love the personality and knew I would have a fun date with her." Taheed: "It was Independence Day and the atmosphere was phenomenal. There were festivals and it was just a great time. Beyond the fact that we had fun, I was attracted to her." Lisa: "I'm attracted to Taheed. He's a physical guy, he's hot!" Taheed and Lisa seemed to have a lot of fun dancing and grinding against each other. On the boat ride home, under the cover of night, Taheed and Lisa are very affectionate. The cuddling and smooching continues when they hit the hammock and the lounge at CMR.
Kaya and Heather go speed boating and have lunch in Caye Caulker. The date begins on a freewheeling note as Kaya drives the boat, but when they are alone together they have almost nothing to say to each other. Kaya: Heather, I thought was great. I thought she was a bit different then the rest of the girls. I was in chipper spirits and I had thought this was going to be a really good experience and one of the best times on the island.
Valerie and Matt go to Maruba Jungle Spa for mud massages. Though Valerie loves the five-star treatment she is receiving, the lack of privacy makes her uncomfortable. Trying to keep the mood light, Matt keeps her entertained with his spontaneous humor.  Valerie: "I went out with Matt on my date. He was my first pick just because I knew that it was a pretty intimate date and I thought he'd be a perfect gentlemen."  The massage person held up what looked to be a small ball of thin string and told them both that that was what they were going to wear and only that.
Mandy and Johnny also visit Maruba Jungle Spa and enjoy an intimate mud massage side by side. As the night progresses, Mandy and Johnny grow very comfortable with each other. Johnny: "You know if you can't be silly and you're so serious, sometimes you just gotta be silly and you just gotta enjoy life and have a good time. And she's like that and I love that. Johnny playfully drapes the net around his pants and over his private area then tells Mandy to check it out. Mandy turns around, naked except for a towel wrapped around her, and squeals with laughter. She exclaims, "I'm so immature!" Mandy: "He makes every little thing such a big deal and it makes me feel so good. I love it." Mandy: "I don't know what's going to happen. I'm very attracted to Johnny and that makes me very nervous and this is all of a sudden very real" They had what was probably the hottest date on the island thus far. Later in the evening, they started having some drinks. Johnny teased Mandy by rubbing sugar and rum around his nipple and she licked it off. They kissed sensuously afterwards. Then Johnny poured alcohol in her belly button and proceeded to lick it all out, after the alcohol was gone he kept on licking and licking the whole time Mandy was saying, "Oh no, Billy's going to kill me", and giggling. At the end of the date Johnny says " I hope Billy will get to see our date"
Billy and Vanessa visit San Pedro Town. Billy enjoys Vanessa's outgoing, spirited personality, and Vanessa's affection for Billy is irrepressible and prompts multiple smooches. The romantic chemistry makes Billy wonder where the date will lead them.
Billy:  "I do love Mandy. It doesn't mean I don't find anyone else attractive, I just usually shut it out. But since we're being single here and I can kinda go back to the old ways and you know you go with someone who is very attractive. I think Vanessa is very attractive and a personality to match." As they were shooting pool, Vanessa said, "There was electricity between Billy and I. If he would've tried to kiss me, I would've just been smooching him back." Billy talks about how confused he was. He wasn't sure what was appropriate, and what wasn't on the dates.

Time To Ban More Singles

The guys gather around by the pier yet again to vote off another single girl. Mark raps with the coupled guys. The single girls strut their stuff in front of the men, but this time the men have a surprise for the girls. No one will be voted off today because the night before Heather decided to return home. Kaya's date from the day before, opted to leave because of personal issues, none having to relate to her date with Kaya. The guys seemed happy at not having to choose another girl to oust.

Mark informs the ladies that they are faced with another decision today. They must send off yet another single guy. The ladies have their own surprise in store for the guys. Without even a small debate, the girls kick off Keith because he has shown no interest in any of the coupled women. Keith took it in stride and said none of the women were his type anyway, they didn't have the "spirit" he was looking for in a woman.


Night arrives and so does another summons to the bonfire. The coupled women meet Mark fireside first. Tonight is filled with more emotion as the women have to decide whether to watch unedited video excerpts from their partners' second dates. Again, their dilemma is that if they decide to watch, their partners must watch their dates as well. Ytossie exuberantly chooses to watch and exclaims, "And I want him to see mine!" When Ytossie sees Taheed dancing with Lisa she doesn't feel threatened at all and she knows she made the right choice. Valerie refuses to see something that is most likely "totally out of context." Shannon will not watch because she got enough of a preview when Carla swam across the pool to her boyfriend. Last, Mandy debates the consequences and then goes for it. Mark  then asks Mandy, "What do you think would happen if the moment you dread the most is the moment that is shown to Billy?" She responded that she didn't know. She finally says lets see it. Shannon and Valerie and even Mark look at her in shock, after all she knows what Billy will see. She says to that "this is what I am like if he doesn't like it he can leave"  When Mandy sees Vanessa smooching Billy's cheek, she laughs and says that it probably irritated him. This time the girls are less affected, growing stronger through the process. The women are again given the option to leave video messages for their partners. All the women, including Ytossie this time, leave messages.

The coupled men take their turn at the bonfire and discover that this time they have nothing to laugh at when they see what their partners have been up to on their dates. Andy and Kaya were told that their girlfriends did not choose to watch the tape of their dates, and they seemed a bit surprised this time. Kaya said since I chose the date I thought she would want to see what happen. Taheed and Billy were told that Ytossie and Mandy had chosen to watch their tapes, so they must in turn view the tapes of their girlfriend's dates. The clip that Taheed saw was of Ytossie and Tom feeding each other lunch. He didn't seem too upset about it and one of the other guys said , "that was pretty tame". Billy must see Mandy flirting intensely with Johnny. After seeing only a few seconds of Johnny wiping sugar and rum on his nipple in preparation for a sexy body shot, meanwhile Mandy is yelling "oh, no Billy's going to kill me" Billy turns away in shock and insists he will not watch the rest. Mark informs Billy that he can close his eyes if he wants, but he is required to play the rest of the clip. Billy kept his head turned and his eyes averted for the rest of the clip, while the other guys watched on, Taheed shaking his head in disbelief the whole time. At the end of the clip Billy turned back around to Mark  with his jaw set, looking miserable and angry. The host asked him if he was okay, and he said he was fine, but to be honest, he's been better.  Mark asks the guys if they want to leave a video message for their girlfriends again. Both Kaya and Andy say yes, absolutely. Taheed said he still isn't interested in leaving a message for Ytossie. After a few moment's hesitation, Billy says yes, he will also. Billy wonders if he saw the worst part of the date or the tamest part of the date. That's the part that hurts him the most. Thirty minutes later back at the men's retreat, Kaya, Andy and Taheed discuss the Mandy/Johnny situation. They all agree that it is Mandy's fault, not Johnny's since he is a single guy "doing his job". They joke about whether Billy is over at Vanessa's hut knocking on her door for revenge.

The show ends with Billy entering Vanessa's cabin